Jun 272016

The World Federation of Chiropractic, in association with the ACA Council on Chiropractic Pediatrics, is delighted to host its first seminar on the care of hands_with_textinfants and children, two days of inspiration, information and education for chiropractors who are looking to widen their knowledge and skills base in chiropractic pediatrics.

We’ve designed this seminar around the most sought after topics within chiropractic pediatrics and have three top speakers who will share their extensive knowledge in this ever-popular area of practice.

We also appreciate accessibility so have chosen a location in Quebec that will suit as many practising chiropractors as possible. The Delta Montreal Hotel, in the centre of the city, is a great venue and is close to all amenities, attractions and, of course, great shopping!

Join us on October 21-22 for an energising seminar of learning, networking and chiropractic friendship.

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